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Quickcouplings.Net specializes in tubing and hose couplers made of plastic, acetal, polypropylene, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, Teflon© and other materials. Configurations include a wide range of hose and tube connections with built-in shut off valves and non- spill configurations.

Our quick couplings are used in such industries as semiconductor, medical, laboratory, process, clean room, industrial, chemical and fluid transfer systems. Our couplings accept a wide variety of media including air, water, coolants, and other specialty fluids. Our couplings work under both pressure and vacuum.


Quickcouplings.Net is a low cost, high quality solution to your hose and tubing connection requirements. Special custom configurations are also available to meet customer requirements for hose bard, luer and compression connections. Most materials, such as PVC, kynar, EPDM, viton© and FKM are available. Couplers are available in larger high flow styles as well as miniature and sub-miniature sizes. Multi-line couplings are also available.

Quick Couplings are found in the following applications:


Laundry Equipment
Chemical Plants
Wet Benches
Plating Equipment
Cooling Lines
Nitrogen Lines

Agricultural Equipment
High Purity
Soft Drink Dispensing
Cosmetic Lasers
Marine Products
Coffee Makers

Fuel Cells
Propane Lines
Photo Processing
Clean Rooms
Water Filtration
Hospital Beds

Battery Filling
Recreational Vehicles
Bottle Filling
Drain Lines
Medical Equipment
Sterile-to-Sterile connections
Aseptic Connections

Controls For Automation
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