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Colder Products Company ®™ is the leading provider of quick disconnect couplings, fittings and connectors for life sciences, industrial and chemical handling markets. Used in a broad range of applications, connection technologies from Colder ®™ allow flexible tubing to be quickly and safely connected and disconnected, reducing spills and increasing safety. Connect with Colder ®™ for cleaner, faster, safer and smarter connections.


General Purpose Plastic Couplings

Plastic quick disconnect couplings and fittings cover a wide range of fluid and air applications. Compatible with many general purpose and high-purity chemicals, lightweight plastic couplings are a popular choice for ease of use and manufacture.


Colder's ®™ plastic quick disconnect couplings can be found in a wide range of general purpose, medical, bioprocessing and chemical management applications. Couplings, fittings and connectors are available in ABS, acetal, polycarbonate, polypropylene, polysulfone, PTFE and PVDF. Additional materials are available for custom projects.


General Purpose Metallic Couplings

Chrome-plated brass couplings are designed for durability and an attractive appearance. We also offers die-cast zinc and aluminum couplings designed for high performance fluid handling.


Durable and attractive metal quick disconnect couplings can withstand higher pressure and temperature than plastic couplings. Available in chrome-plated brass and die-cast zinc, these couplings are often selected for applications where extended repeated connection cycles are required.


Multi Tube Couplings

Multi-tube couplings provide one easy-to-use quick disconnect for two, six or ten separate fluid lines.


Tentube™ is available with valves on the body side in panel mount or in-line configurations for maximum design flexibility. The Tentube can connect and disconnect up to ten lines with the use of a simple slide latch.


Sixtube™ couplings disconnect up to six separate fluid or air lines. The Sixtube is available with valves on the insert side and features the Colder ®™ thumb latch. The snap-in panel mount design keeps a low profile on the front of an equipment panel.


The 3/32" flow Twin Tube™ coupling disconnects two separate fluid lines. The non-valved Twin Tube maintains two individual flow paths in one coupling and features the Colder ®™ thumb latch.The panel mount design keeps a low profile on the front of an equipment panel.


Multi Tube Couplings

The medical-grade materials used in Colder's couplings meet the most stringent requirements of USP Class VI, MEM elution, agarose overlay, hemolysis in vitro and USP physicochemical tests. These quick disconnect couplings are suitable for use in a wide variety of medical and biopharmaceutical applications.


Medical companies around the world rely on Colder's quick disconnect couplings to quick and secure tubing connections and disconnections for a wide variety of medical devices and equipment. Colder's couplings eliminate accidental misconnections and create cleaner, faster, safer and smarter device connections.





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